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    What is the Best Cure for Depression?

    What is the Best Cure for Depression

    Thousands of people suffer from depression every year ranging from mild occasional bouts of depression to long term, more serious clinical depression.  What then can those who suffer from depression do to find relief and what is the best cure for depression?


    Actually, the answer is, there is no “best cure for depression” since depression is a very personalized thing the best cure for depression is going to depend on the person and what is causing the depression in the first place.  Consider some of these examples.


    Stress in the work place can take a toll on you both physically and mentally.  Job stress due to conflicts between co-workers or your boss or the stress caused by simply being in the wrong job for you that you hate and that is contrary to your own nature can cause sleeplessness, physical problems such as high blood pressure, and result in depression.  In a case such as this, the best cure for depression is learning ways in which to cope with the stress and switching to a new job or new career.


    In some cases, people have trouble sleeping and the lack of proper rest can make you feel run down, get irritable and experience mild depression.  Using aromatic bath salts or an aromatherapy spray to mist your sheets with a light scent of lavender to help you relax and get to sleep could be your best cure for depression in a case such as this.


    If your depression is stemming from a physical conditions, such as being over weight or the hormone changes associated with menopause.  In cases such as this, your best cure for depression is going to be to speak with you health care provider to discuss treatment options, changes in diet, new exercise, or natural hormonal supplements that can address the physical conditions that are causing the the depression.  The same can be said for depression caused by a chemical imbalance.  The best cure of depression may be to change medications or to try a new one; this is something that you need to work closely with your health care provider to determine.


    Some cases of depression may require therapy, lifestyle changes, acquiring new skills, or medical intervention.  The truth is that the only real “best cure for depression” is getting to know yourself and understanding what the underlying cause of the depression is; keeping in mind that depression is often a symptom of something else.  When you understand your own depression and what makes it, and you, unique from everyone else then you will be on the road to finding your own best cure for depression.


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